Chairman’s Message

I am honored to send a message as the Chairman of Uzbekistan Business Development Association (UBDA) in order to introduce the missions and goals of the association. UBDA is a registered organization under Ministry of Justice of Republic of Uzbekistan dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial entities and investors in Uzbekistan, creating transparent and convenient trade and investment environment so that entrepreneurs and investors can apply all preferences and privileges imposed by the new policy of Uzbekistan. I am particularly energized to see that our Association and the business community are playing a crucial role in driving this growth and prosperity forward. My enduring commitment to membership is to focus on how we can support business growth. To achieve this, we intend to continue to concentrate on four specific strategic goals that will help the organization set the national standard for fostering community prosperity. These include: Advocating public policy that situates Tashkent as a leading business center, optimizing and diversifying Association communications and programming to maximize member’s experience, facilitate greater member-to-member connections, and attract new members, ensuring that the Chamber achieves the highest standard of operational excellence and contributing to the achievement and recognition of community excellence. While Uzbekistan Business Development Association is many things to many businesses, organizations, and individuals – Advocate, Connector, Communicator, Facilitator, Thought Leader – for key stakeholders it is also that of a community advocate and community leader. Let’s celebrate our past successes and attack our future challenges – together.

Malikov Yorkin Erkinjonovich

Chairman of Uzbekistan Business Development Association.

Our Advantages

Open closed doors with us!

Convenience for investors

Creating convenience and benefits for investors in the course of their activities in Uzbekistan (transport, hotel, all conditions for signing a contract and law services).


Facilitating the establishment of guaranteed business partnerships for investors and entrepreneurs, the collection of mutual information between the parties.

Facilitate the reduction of clandestine business

Helping to reduce the number of shadow economy entities in the territory of Uzbekistan and a full analysis of their causes.

Customs and tax service

Assisting in resolving problems with customs clearance and taxes

Legal support

Industry news, decisions and implementation of laws

Exports and imports

Stabilization and control of the export-import process, legal and practical assistance in solving problems arising in this process


Solved problems







Functions of the Association

Tasks of the Business Development Association of Uzbekistan

Business development

Assisting local producers and entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan to find their place in the world market, and foreign investors to establish or expand their activities in the country

Assisting the government

Assist the government in reducing the shadow economy and similar issues

Merge members

Coordinating and protecting the activities of the members of the Association by voluntarily uniting them

Add an offer

Make suggestions for changes to existing laws and regulations as needed to address existing issues.

Coordination of activities

Coordinating the investment, commercial, scientific, technical and economic activities of its members.

Capacity building

Study and promote the experience of developed countries in business capacity building.

Marketing research

To conduct in-depth marketing research and analysis in order to develop the business, to determine the appropriate measures based on their results

Organizational support

Close assistance in organizing exhibitions and various business forums at home and abroad

Helping with problems

Investigate the problems of its members' businesses and identify solutions

The principle of association

Open closed doors with us!


Acceptance of appeals

Accepting written issues addressed by members of the Association


Study the problem

Investigate the origins and causes of problems



Work with sources and officials and establish effective partnerships to find the root of the problem


Giving solutions

Propose solutions to the existing problem by the association and study the views of the applicant


Problem solving

Positively address the issue by creating a variety of conveniences and conditions for members



Record a positive result on the application

Our partners

Partners of Uzbekistan Business Development Association